Unemployed Fisherman in San Pedro

Every week in the Police Report the AD reads so and so residing in San Mateo, San Pedrito or San Juan with the job description of unemployed fisherman has committed a crime. AD says how can you be an unemployed fisherman? All you need is a piece of wood, a piece of twine and a hook to catch fish! Maybe it is a euphemism for drug dealer or crook or burglar or scam-merchant. We think that this might be a politically incorrect sentence, but lets face it, we have a lot of riff-raff on this island and we should ask the Government to clear this lot out.

The AD has repeatedly said that people who live here, or that have moved to the island should be able to prove their source of income and if they can’t they should leave – like Mayor Guiliani of New York cleaned up that city by having a zero tolerance attitude.

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