Travelocity hates Budget Travelers on Ambergris Caye

In speaking with representatives from Travelocity in a taxi yesterday, it has become clear to Ambergris Daily that Travelocity (and their famous Gnome spokesperson) does not care at all for a large segment of the travel market – the Budget Traveler.

They refuse to add any property on Ambergris Caye that costs less than $100 USD per night, even if that property provides an array of amenities and services that many high-end ‘resorts’ are not able to provide, such as swimming pools on site.

They tried to counter this argument by saying that they have 1 room available on all of Ambergris Caye that is below the $100 US threshold (out of 2,000 rooms on the island!) – the room in question goes for $91 US per night.

Obviously, Travelocity is not interested in the budget traveler at all, while others like Expedia and clearly understand that the budget travel sector is a huge segment in the tourism marketplace. Interestingly enough a budget hotel in San Pedro was the biggest seller in the month of January on Expedia.

Given that the Representatives from Travelocity also stiffed their taxi driver out of a tip, and left your intrepid reporter to foot the fare –  it is obvious that they allow people to advertising swimming pools on their property when they don’t actaully have one and they say “We cannot possibly be expected to check all of the properties on our site, we belive what we are told.

We wonder what the guests that use Travelocity think of these statements.

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