Travelocity Confirm that they do not check all Hotels in Belize

 Last week the Ambergris Daily met with the Central American representatives of Travelocity which is or was a major player of selling hotel rooms over the internet. They are the ones with the little gnome on the TV adverts and he runs around inspecting all the rooms and hotels guaranteeing that they are as advertised. Well it looks like the gnome has been made redundant as the two employees admitted that they are far too busy to check every hotel and the just have to believe what they are told by the owners and the managers. Last year they were advertising a hotel which had a swimmingpool on their homepage. When they were told that the pool was next door and the pool that they said that their clients could use was at least half a mile away, and available for a fee to any member of the public. They replied well everyone exaggerates a little.

The Ambergris Daily awaits Travelocity’s comments as all is not what is advertised.

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