Traffic Chaos on Ambergris Caye

Due to the town clock being constructed traffic has been a nightmare in San Pedro Town for the past few months and has exacerbated by the huge influx of visitors that have come to stay. No-one has had a clue which streets are one-way and where parking is allowed or not. The traffic department with its two wardens is patently understaffed, as all they do all day is explain that they do not really know what is going on.

The mayor stepped into clarify the position and say the public must decide if Barrier Reef Drive is to be closed to traffic full time or just from 6.00pm to 6.00am on friday and saturdays. This is on the town council’s to do list but as they had no idea a clock was going to be put in the middle of the street it is fair to say they did not know that the street would be closed.

Yesterday evening the street was re-opened but for how long is anyone’s guess but at least it will be easier to figure out where the legal parking is. One thing for sure is that the public has yet to be consulted.


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