Today’s Morning Show in San Pedro-Crime Report

For those who listened or who watched the morning show today. It is obvious that crime is rampant and there is no-one obviously in charge as the government of Belize has obviously given up.

Minister Heredia is conspicuous by his absence and his lack of speech. In fact he has said nothing about crime since he has been reelected. The officer in charge is obviously a complete and utter waste of time. She reminds the AD of the emperor Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned to the ground.

The Pawn Shops came under fire for selling stolen jewelry and melting down gold as scrap. The police came under fire for doing deals with the criminals. The brothels are where all the criminals hang out but the police are there as well (do not worry it is during their off duty time-we wonder if they get freebies).

Burglars were caught by the neighborhood watch and were caught trying to break into Graham Verrall’s house(it was robbed last week as well) and it appears a deal has been done to release them this morning. If this is true it is nothing short of disgraceful.These scum bags should be locked up for a minimum 2 years in Hattieville.

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