To All Residents of San Pedro Town-Remember this Name

The name never to forget is Natalie Holloway who disappeared in Aruba, and the numbers of visitors to the island dropped 50% for a number of years. Belize and Ambergris Caye cannot afford this to happen as the island would probably never recover. Could this happen here and the answer is,of course it could and probably will if we as an island community do not grab the shackles and stand up and be counted,by defying a possible break down in law and order.It is not enough to blame Manuel Heredia as he is obviously not worried about our island-evryone should be calling him and demanding what should have been given to us years ago-roads/competent policing/tourist areas free of drug dealers.Remember we have already paid to GOB,many times over, for what we need and deserve.

We need a road north with street lights. We need roads to DFC with proper street lights. We need to protect the tourists and citizens alike.

Many business people are making a lot of money and are not prepared to help with the problems or the anticipated problems as their answer is we pay our taxes and we get little for them-so why should we help-the answer is if you do not the tap will run dry and there will be nothing left.They should be worried and should be calling the Prime Minister and complaining about the lack of help being received from the GOB.



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