Timeshare in San Pedro – A Total Waste of Money-Ask Capt. Morgan’s

All timeshares in San Pedro give no value for money. The best way to use a t/s in San Pedro is to buy one on-line for 500usd and exchange it.

It is incredible that people pay around 35,0000usd for a week of t/s for 25 years -a maintenance fee which is in excess of a 1000 dollars per week owned and the value is almost zero.

Go to Capt Morgan’s and ask them what a re sale week will sell for. They will give some clap trap saying that they cannot sell an already sold week. What a bunch of bollocks!! They know it is hard enough to find a gullible person to buy the week. How on earth would they find another and why should they as they have 00’s of weeks to sell.

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