Timeshare in San Pedro

Let’s face it, anybody who purchases a timeshare from Captain Morgan’s or the Seven Sea’s has to have left their brains in the country that they came here from. Spending 30,000 to guarantee a week in the sun in a poorly, cheaply built building which is unlikely to survive the first tropical storm or hurricane that wanders by.

Although on a nice beach, if anybody was able to do simple mathematics like adding 1+1 and if they get 2, they are basically too bright to do timeshare. The maintenance costs are prohibitive and go up every year, so if your maintenance cost is $600 this year it will be $650/$700 next year and in 10 years it will be more than the cost of a holiday at either of the resorts.

The exchange companies are nothing short of useless, and all the promises given by your newest best friend timeshare salesman are never put in writing. And remember if it’s not in writing it was never said.

Would you trust anybody that promises to give money to the Polyclinic, collects that money but then keeps it for their own purposes. Their excuse is that what was put on the flyers was a mistake, and that they didn’t really mean to give money to anyone, as they need it for themselves.


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