The Toll Bridge

When Barry Bowen lent the town money to build the bridge it was under the condition that once the money had been paid back that traveling across the bridge would be free. This obviously has not happened as the bridge is still collecting monies in vast amounts everyday. It was also said that taxis would never be allowed over the bridge, this has obviously changed and now the bridge tolls are collecting even more money.

Has anyone noticed that it always the same people collecting the money? They never take a day off and work incredibly long hours. When you buy a ticket the ticket distributor always tries to only give you the return half of the ticket. What happens to the half that takes you over the bridge? While it would be wrong to write that people employed by the town board are doing very nicely out of running the office, it would behoove the town board to actually print weekly reports of how much the bridge actually makes.

After all it is the peoples of San Pedro’s monies, and accountability should be provided by the Town Board.

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