The San Pedro Liquor Licensing Board should do its Job

the liquor board is patently not doing its job. Bars as long as they are run by relations can open as long as they like. They can break every noise pollution law and have girls working as hookers and strippers. They can threaten the next door neighbors not to complain and the SPLLB say its the police’s fault as they will grant everyone a license.

This is not a good idea for the future of San Pedro. We have too many shitty bars which are health hazards, and just a little scummy.

There are too many bars that actively help the selling of drugs-partially because their customers are the drug dealers. Some of these are in the tourist areas and a number on the beach in town.

There are way too many hooker bars employing girls without work permits (14 in all and maybe more). Rememeber these are really only for the locals as most are situated in non-tourist areas.

The Liquor Board promised a lot and has delivered nothing other than saying it is the police’s fault. Well it is not as it is the board who issue licenses and extensions-just give them to the bars that conform to all the regulations -if the board members find this too difficult  to understand they should resign and let other people who understand the laws take their place.


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