The PUP Leadership has to Change on Ambergris Caye

Only on Ambergris Caye did the UDP gain votes and that is because the old face of the PUP has to change.

Milo Paz should be thanked and put into the rank and file. His days in the leadership have and should be finished.He is always close to the land scams whether it be PUP or UDP.

It was a disgarce to see Alex Nunez supporting the PUP on election wednesday. How many years did he disappear for because of land scams.

Patty Arceo is just too busy to be involved full time and should put her time and effort to help new faces in the party.

Eiden Salazar has in some ways been tarnished with the same brush and with many rumours about past conduct should stay with the rank and file.

If the PUP follow these guidelines they will crush the UDP and by electing people who really care about the Environment, Ambergris Caye and Belize in general, will show the voters that the personal greed of yesteryear is a thing of the past. It should not be what can the country do for the elected few but what is good for the entire country, and the public purse should be used as it is inteneded not as personal piggy banks.

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