The Minister of Tourism and PuertoAzul Resort Belize

Yeah, the AD has just seen the information about PuertoAzul Resort Belize. Please read it… what a joke! The Minister of Tourism is agreeing to put a Formula One Racetrack on Lighthouse Reef – that will help the conservation efforts! Not!

A 100 berth Marina – now where have we heard this before. How on earth are they going to get boats with 12 or 16 foot drafts into Lighthouse Reef?? And an International Airport!

We can’t even get an International Airport in Placencia (not that traffic warrents one there), although the Ambergris Daily applaudes that Belize gets mentioned, but honestly could we actually have it for something that is likely to happen – a quick round up of what is supposed to happen runs into the Billons of dollars. Even Bill Gates would have difficulty developing what they say they are going to build.

Read the craziness on their website:

And read about the launch party in Cannes (attended by the Minister of Tourism) here:

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