The Dog Problem on Ambergris Caye

(The following is a contribution from one of our millions of avid readers)

As is usual when dealing with a stray/ nuisance dog problem one only has to examine the owners to see where the problem is. Currently the financial cost of owning a poorly kept dog is just about nothing. No vaccinations, no proper dog food, no walks, not even a collar, the dog just hangs around the neighborhood scavenging for scraps but always returning to its cruel and uncaring owner. Dogs are like that..they give their owners unconditional love at all times unless the abuse is extreme beyond words.

Isn’t it time to license dogs? Why should the San Pedro tax payer have to foot the bill in order to inadequately deal with the nuisance dog population? A real dog lover would be pleased to pay a license fee. Perhaps the first year’s fee could be used to spay or neuter the animal if required. A photo of the dog would be taken and filed on a computer. The dog would get a license tag and the owner would be obliged to make sure their pet wears a collar and license tag at all times.

Unlicensed dogs would be dealt with as humanely as possible. Owners would be given the chance to license their pet..if they declined then the dog would be removed from their “care” and the owner would be subject to a mandatory fine.

Oh, and let’s ban fighting pit bulls, a major tourism destination is no place for “Gangsta” activities.

All of this could be paid for from dog license fees.

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