The Difference between Taxies in Mexico and San Pedro

Night and day. The drivers are courteous charge everyone the same amounts. The cars are clean and do not have people breast feeding their kids in the front seat. The air-conditioning units work. They ask you if you want to listen to music and what type. Basically they treat their guests as customers and use the logic that whatever, within reason, that whatever the customer wants the customer gets. Thus believing that they will get tipped a larger sum.

Some but not all San Pedro taxies are dirty disgusting evil smelling vehicles with more rubbish in them than there is  at the local dump. This vehicles should be impounded and checked by the local health authorities to see if they are a health hazard.

This may be an exaggeration but our taxi guys should shape up, and all not just a few should give a good service, and all drivers should be checked by the police and the various associations that legal residents and citizens are driving them, as it appears that there are many illegals driving around collecting fares at night.One of the clues to this as these people do not know San Pedro and can only speak spanish, and appear not to be from Belize.

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