The Difference between Belize/Mexico and Guatemala

The Ambergris Daily iterviewed a lawyer who bought a house 20 km north of Ixtapa (2 hours north of Accapulco), and he stated to all present that he will never go back to the house as the narco gangs have taken over.

The kidnappings,torture,murders and general mayhem have made it impossible for him to live in peace and harmony.

This leaves Belize a chance to forge ahead as long as we keep these gangs away from our country. However with a gross income of double the economy of Guatemala it will be difficult but not impossible, and one hopes with strong government that Los Zetas and the mexican cartels will just use the guatemala/mexican border crossing which is fast becoming a no go area for both sets of authorities.

Belize at the momemt has none of these problems and long may that remain the case.

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