The Ambergris Daily Replies to Miss San Pedro Debate

The huge furor surrounding the now deposed Miss San Pedro and the elevation of Christine Syme to the exalted position of Miss San Pedro.

The Ambergris Daily has to speak out and say what do we teach our children. Is it ok to teach them to lie and promise to do things and then break their words. Of course it is not.

When the young lady won the prize it was understood by all the contestants that they would represent San Pedro for one full calender year. Now we applaud that this young lady has got to go to college in Nicaragua, and hopefully in 7 or 8 years become a doctor. However she must have known that she had applied for a college place , and also would have known that if she was accepted that she could not have fullfilled her role as Miss San Pedro.

Now we have the situation that she has been gone for a fair period of time, and her position is being handed over to another. The only problem is that the crown has not been returned and neither has a portion of the money that was to help defray the costs of being Miss San Pedro (5000bzd).

Our idea would be that Christine would get the money pro rata and then everyone would be very happy, and fair play would be seen to have been done. However many people including the morning show see no sense in her returning anything.

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