Supermarkets Allowed to Open on Good Friday on Ambergris Caye

The chairman of the Liquor Board, Jenny Staines, whose brother is Enrique Staines who own the two biggest supermarkets in San Pedro has backtracked and is now allowing all the supermarkets to open.

It goes without saying that now it will be the same as election day and the majority will be selling alcohol under the table.

Crazily only the restaurants are now being penalised by only being allowed to serve food and soft drinks until 9.00pm where all bars and nightclubs will then be allowed to serve liquor until 5.00am in the morning. These does not benefit tourists, as most will be at their resorts and hotels by 11.00pm, but the locals and local hooker bars who pay scant notice to the laws of Belize.

Surely to God restaurants should be allowed to serve alcohol from 6.00pm so that they can try and make a small profit while keeping the guest and visitors to the island happy(remember that during Good Friday the church serves wine).

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