Super Yacht Attessa IV (4) docked in San Pedro

As a follow-up to yesterday’s Bill Gates sighting, the look-alike to Mr Gates’ yacht is actually called the Attessa IV (4), and is owned by Montana-based Billionaire Dennis Washington, who owns, or co-owns controlling interest in, a large consortium of privately held companies collectively known as the Washington Companies and, in Canada, another collection of companies known as the Washington Marine Group. With an estimated current net worth of around $4.2 billion, he is ranked by Forbes as the 58th-richest person in America. The Attessa 4 is 330 ft long and is considered the 27th largest yacht in the world.

When asked what his purpose was in visiting Ambergris Caye, Mr Washington replied that he was here looking for companies to add to his empire, but was vague as to what properties were of interest to him. Some quick investigative research has revealed that Washington may be in negotiations with a Mr. P. Lawrence for the purchase of the ever expanding Pedro’s Empire…

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