Stories of the San Pedro Police Force

Everyone who lives on the island appears to have a story about what is fast becoming the Belize’s version of the Keystone Cops. It is hard to find anyone who will praise them other than themselves. Talk of racisim against white people are rife, jealousy against business owners and relatives which appear to be gang members.

The Ambergris Daily would like to hear from people who are satisfied with the way the police force is being run, and also calls that our new officer in charge should go on the morning show and explain her total lack of success in being able to arrest any of the drug peddlers which plague our center of town beaches. Let’s face a 5 year old can spot who the criminals are and the question has to be asked, “Why can the professionals and people who are paid to patrol these areas not”. Surely they are not in cahoots with these lawbreakers.


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