Sponsorship Needed for the San Pedro Animal Foundation

The San pedro Animal Foundation is a charitable corporation which provides funding for patients of the San Pedro Animal Hospital when they have insufficent funds to pay for themselves. It is done on a case by case basis, and Dr. Laurie charges much less to the foundation than is her normal practice. However the cupboard is bare with the saving of a couple of dogs who both got run over and without Laurie’s skill as a surgeon would have had to be euthanised.

Peter Lawrence has been asked to quit drinking alcohol for a month and will accept sponsorship. The due date is june 5 to midnight july 4. If he breaks down as many suspect that he might as it is highly unlikely that he has ever gone without a drink for more than 36 hours since leaving school. He will pay all the pledges-so for all those of you who do not care for him you can basically bet that there is no way in hell that he can give up alcohol for a month, and that will cost him a fortune which will go to a good cause.

To support this cause make your pledges to or call 226-3825

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