Spaying and nuetering of dogs on Ambergris Caye

Yesterday Saga printed a letter in the San Pedro Sun saying how many dogs they had picked up and thanked all who helped except for the San Pedro Animal Hospital. And yet again they are asking for donations.  It seems incredible that while they complain about the costs that they find it impossible to take advantage of Dr. Laurie Droke’s kind offer of 1 free spay or neuter per week, at absolutely not cost to Saga.

Dr Laurie also offered free inoculations about a month ago, which Saga and the San Pedro Sun refused to publish, with the inference that it would cost Saga money if pet owners got free inoculations for their pets.

The San Pedro Animal Hospital, with the urging of Mayor Danny, once again offers to do a free spay or neuter once per week, which would certainly make it one of Saga’s biggest donors.

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