SPAF Donation in Memory of Sarah Lawrence

 In memory of Peter’s mother my family has donated 500 Belize dollars to the San Pedro Animal Foundation.

Sarah was an avid animal-lover her entire life.  It was said that I was the only girlfriend of Peter’s she ever liked because I am a vet.  Of all of Peter’s accomplishments, it seemed that the one she was happiest about was the San Pedro Animal Hospital.  After it was built she made her first ever visit to Belize.  As you can see from the above photo, she greatly enjoyed her time in San Pedro.

We are discussing what would be the best project to undertake in her memory.  We would like to do something other than spay and neuter for a change.  Something to increase the quality of life for our canine companions of lesser means, who perhaps  do not spend their days riding around in golf carts.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let us know.

Obviously Peter inherited his love of dogs and cats from his mother.  In more ways than one, the San Pedro Animal Hospital and the San Pedro Animal Foundation owe their existence to Sarah Lawrence.

We miss you, Sarah.

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