Something is wrong with the way we “celebrate” Carnival

A great time was had by all on the last day of Carnival (Tuesday). Except for:

Shop, home and business owners whose properties were splashed (vandalized?) with impossible to remove paint
Tourists and locals alike who were dressed up for dinner and happened to be in the center of town and were painted (“assaulted” in some societies?) even though they didn’t want to be.
An expectant mother who was also painted without consent.
(Some of the paint revelers were grown men and women and some got rude and downright nasty if you indicated you didn’t want to be covered in house paint.)

Apart from that Carnival was perfect….

Next year we ought to be able to celebrate Carnival without turning it into a big thug-fest.

Ambergris Daily calls upon all property owners who had their property vandalized to re-paint as quickly as possible because right now our town looks like crap. Perhaps they should send the bill for the re-painting to the San Pedro Town Council?

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