Social Security to lend Monies to Party Grandees

It appears that with the coffers of the department of Social Security are overflowing with the workers lucre.Offering a great deal of around 6% interest many of the UDP’s grandees are lining up at the trough with their hands and tongues hanging out wanting their piece of the pie. Already Miami realtors are expecting 5,000,000 usd sales of mansions around their neighborhoods.

The Ambergris Daily realizes and understands that lending money to make money is a good way of increasing the proverbial pot but monies should not be lent without double the security of the sum that is being lent,and that it should involve tourism. However as with the grandees that have borrowed from organizations like the DFC,and have never bothered to pay the interest let alone the principal,and continue to think the peoples monies is theirs by a certain divine right.

The AD calls on the management and unions to insist that there are no secret or indeed any loans made to various enterprises that will have no intention to payback the monies borrowed . All monies should be open to public scrutiny, and gazetted by the newspapers.

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