Should San Pedro Pay Taxes to the Government of Belize

San Pedro is the cash cow of Belize and pays a huge amount of monies into the government coffers, and gets little in return. Placencia which provides almost nothing gets 30 miles of roads (what could we do with 5 miles). Monies that our businesses spend in Belize City runs into millions a month. Over 50% of hotel taxes are collect here in San Pedro.

What does the government do besides pay the wages of a third rate police force(and that is giving them more credit than they deserve) and gives the town board a lousy 100.000bzd per year. The mayor cannot be held accountable and he should be banging on the door of our Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia jr.,and demanding that the government hand back a minimum of 10 million dollars a year to help  our infrastructure be upgraded.

The benefit to the GOB will be that they will get even more money in taxes from the Isla Bonita.

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