Should people who do not pay taxes complain that they do not receive Benefits

Reading and hearing about the San Matteo area which is situated over the bridge, and to be fair is a slum and looks very similar to downtown Mumbai. The residents are all complaining that they are receiving nothing from the mayor other than free drinking water which has been set up using illegal spigots, and basically being stolen (costing the town tens of 000’s of dollars per month-this appears to be the right of the residents of San Matteo.People who live in this area,some squatters,some who have been given land by the government have built noncompliant houses and have not followed any building codes, and do not pay any taxes.

It appears that the tax paying public are responsible for their plight and that San Pedro should become a socialistic state and pay for all their needs. What happens to the tax-payer that pays their monies appears to be irrelevant and the services that they pay for will become third rate or worse as there is not enough shekels to go around.

Should the town board go to the government and demand monies for new roads. The answer is yes of course they should but the roads to be built and the infrastructure that is sorely needed should benefit the majority of the tax paying community not just a small section which do not. We need roads that the tourists will see and use and lets face it would any sane person venture into this and other like areas after 6.oopm. The answer is unfortunately a loud resounding NO.

Remember if the visitors do not come to our island very soon there will be no tax income for either the government or the town board so all monies have to be spent wisely and where it gives the best value for the largest amount of residents etc.

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