Sewage at Mahogany Bay on San Pedro

An interesting point was brought up by an ex-salesman for Mahogany Bay-this person worked for this organization for over a year and,needless to say,did not have a work permit. His argument on not getting one was that the management promised him that they were dealing with it-when he resigned he was not paid his final payment as he was told that he had been working illegally- the AD says go figure that logic.

The size of Mahogany Bay means that there should be a major sewage outlet and pumps to send the effluence to the road (where the main sewage pipe for the town is). While the AD is not an expert on this it seems that there is something sorely missing in the design of this resort-maybe they are just transferring the crap  directly to the sewage ponds which are nearer to the resort than the road. The AD wonders what aromatic smell surrounds the resort when the wind blows in the wrong direction.

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