Selling your property here on Ambergris Caye? A warning!

We have received several complaints from property owners here on the island about devious tactics being used by one real estate agency. The agency is Remax Island Real Estate (which used to be called “Remax Isla Bonita” until very recently. We wonder, why the name change?) The owner is “Big” John Turley.

It appears that certain agents from this company are scouring other real estate brokerage web sites and are identifying choice listings. The Remax Island Real Estate agent will then approach the owner of such a choice property and tell the owner that they have a “guaranteed buyer” for the property but can’t do the deal with “their buyer” unless they get the exclusive right to list the property for 3 months or more. Of course, the owner of the property is all excited and cancels their listing with the previous real estate broker or lets it expire and signs with the Remax Island Real Estate agent…..and, guess what, no buyer, no nothing. It’s just a ploy by the company to get more listings.

Because more than one of their agents is engaged in this tacky practice we can only assume that the order has come down from the owner of Remax Island Real Estate that this is what their agents need to do to get listings.

Ambergris Daily has received this  information from several owners of waterfront condos, villas, houses and land. Most of these owners have seen right through the tactic but one or two did sign up and were badly let down.

If anyone can tell us why “Remax Isla Bonita” morphed its name to “Remax Island Real Estate” we’d appreciate it. Also, we wonder if the REMAX Head Office is aware that one of their franchises abroad is lying to property owners on Ambergris Caye  in order to garner listings?

remember at the beginning of the year in their efforts to sell lots on Sugar Caye (which is now called something else, it’s hard to keep track of these name changes) that they wrote and told everyone that they had designed sea walls with the help of which turned out to be a complete pack of lies. The sea walls that they designed were totally useless according to the save the mangrove organization.

The Ambergris Daily’s advice would be if anyone approaches a seller and says we have got a definite buyer for your property and will have all the money within 3 months is take them straight to a lawyer.Have the lawyer write a contract that if they are telling porkies (lies), and the wonderful deal does not happen that they are responsible for the property by paying the full price for it themselves less of course the commission that they are legally entitled to. Seems a good compromise, and it would also stop them saying we will get top dollar for properties only worth half the price.

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