San Pedro’s Police Catch Tourist with Cocaine

Last night San Pedro’s finest caught a tourist with less than half a gram of cocaine (who knows if it really was cocaine but the tourist has to plead guilty or stay here for weeks). Our readers will no doubt congratulate the police on their fine detection work and be glad that this criminal is behind bars and awaiting trial by the magistrate which will happen later today.

Questions have to be asked of why the drug seller/dealer was not arrested. The answer to this is simple he works for the police and he like others are allowed to sell their wares to whoever as long as they tell the police which tourists they sell to. This is a crazy state of affairs as this is affecting everyone as the more tourists that get arrested means the less that will come to San Pedro.

The AD does not advocate the breaking of the laws of Belize but finds it incredible that the police cannot capture the drug dealers that operate with impunity in certain town bars and on the beaches of San Pedro Town.

The Town Board should insist that the police do their job and get rid of these vermin.

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