San Pedro’s Finest Police Force-Tourist Escapes from Jail

On tuesday the AD reported that a mexican tourist was arrested for possessing cocaine and was duly arrested and put in the jail. No problem and well done to the force that looks after us all but a strange thing happened and the tourist escaped. Well the AD believes he must have escaped as he was on the boat to Chetumal at 7.30am which is way before the courts opened.

It appears that his friend was approached and introduced by the police to a taxi driver, and told that he could facilitate the release of his friend. He was taken to the 7-11 store where he used his credit card to get 7oobzd and he gave the money to his new found friends. The money was split three ways 100 to the taxi driver, 100 to the drug dealers who reported him to the police and 500 to our finest brilliantly run police force.

The AD says deals with the drug pushers have to stop and the police have to arrest them not the tourists.Also we are sure that the money received was put in the public coffers.

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