San Pedro Sun’s expose on Sunset Boardwalk Project

Yesterday the San Pedro Sun’s headline was “Will there be parking space at the Sunset Boardwalk Project”. As usual the SP Sun went off half cocked and did not talk to our resident land expert Claudio Azuetta. On Friday’s morning show with the mayor, Claudio pointed out that the mistake happened when 2 land parcels were given the same parcel number.

It appears that the lands department in Belmopan issued identical parcel numbers, so Mr Jeffery Kahn, who bought a parcel of land from Caribbean Land on the south of the island, which he may still own but unknowingly to him, there was a parcel of land in town with the same number. The land by the old football field is still owned by the government of Belize and will indeed be the parking lot for the Sunset Boardwalk area. Claudio finished off by saying that he expects the parcel number for the lot in town to be changed by the middle of next week.

The Ambergris Daily suggests that the San Pedro Sun check all it’s facts before writing a story which was obviously printed only to boost their sales.

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