San Pedro Another Screw Up -John Grief Airport

A couple of years ago the then minister of Aviation Manuel Heredia announced that he had supervised the planning of an upgrade to San Pedro’s runway. Here is a post from the most senior pilot in Belize  and who is to blame-well at least that should not take a genius to figure that out.

Normally, an airstrip upgrade means improving and airstrip, often making it longer. In this case though, the John Greif airstrip will actually be 500+ ft shorter!! Never in my 37 years of professional aviation have I seen an airstrip/airport immprovement include making an airstrip shorter. As far as I know, when the minister at the time signed the letter of intent for the airstrip upgrade, it implied that it was the WHOLE runway. The “Belize Airports Authority”, without any aviation expertise within it’s own orginazation, and without operator consultation, called the shots. When the miscalculation was discovered (over 2 months ago), the remaining 500+ feet of paving was not in the budget. So, calling this upgrade anything close to “world class standards” is a bad joke.

runway. Here is a post from the most senior pilot in Belize.


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