San Pedro Animal Foundation Donates Medical Care for “Raska”

The island was saddened by the loss of Tom Kimbrell last week, who died suddenly in a tragic accident.

When his companion of 12 years, “Raska”, was brought to San Pedro Animal Hospital for medical care last Thursday the San Pedro Animal Foundation stepped in to cover the costs.

Raska suffers from poor vision and arthritis, among other things, and she has been through a lot of stress since her owner’s death.  Friends have stepped in to take care of her but she has had to adapt to new environments and new caregivers.

The San Pedro Animal Hospital diagnosed and treated her for a condition called “Dry Eye” and conjunctivitis.  With time her vision may improve if the proper treatment is continued.  She was also treated for a skin infection, ear infections, and ticks.  She was given a thorough flea and tick bath as well as a soothing oatmeal bath.  Her nails were trimmed, her ears were cleaned, a monthly flea and tick preventative applied, she was dewormed, and given her monthly heartworm preventative.

She has a lot of medications to take but she should be much more comfortable now, thanks to those who have donated to the San Pedro Animal Foundation.

We send our sympathies to Tom’s family at this sad time and offer out best wishes to his loyal friend, Raska.

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