SAGA Refuses 10,000 Dollar Donation

This letter was sent to the San Pedro Animal Hospital by the Saga board of directors. Those of you who have been following the contest of where should you take your pets on Ambergris Caye know that there is or at least has been some bad blood,in the past, between the organizations. There is obviously the humane society that offers bare bones care and the San Pedro Animal Hospital which charges a goodly amount for providing the best animal care and veterinary equipment in Belize.

The Mayor, Danny Guerrero asked SPAH to help with the spey and neuter problem which affects the poorer areas of San Pedro and Dr. Laurie volunteered 52 free spey and neuters a year to the town and Saga, and communicated to both by letter.

Here is Saga’s reply

Maybe it’s time for a new board of directors for Saga

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