SAGA and SPAH to Work Together on Ambergris Caye

SAGA humane society under the presidency of Bill Millstead, a new arrival to the island under the retired persons act,have agreed that they will work with the San Pedro Animal Hospital. Dr. Laurie,Bill,Manuel Heredia and Myor Danny appeared on the morning show with Eiden and David.

It was a good show with the result that everyone agreeing that the dog problem has become endemic and must be controlled. Bill has agreed that all dogs captured will be put down after 3 days if not reclaimed by their owners but they will have to be be speed or neutered before they are returned. All costs have to be paid by the owners.

This will take months of hard work ,and monies are sorely needed for Fort Dog. A reader who wishes to remain anonymous was so delighted that SAGA has agreed to work with SPAH that he/she donated 500bzd to the humane society.


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