Rumours of the Ambergris Daily’s demise are greatly exaggerated

Captain Morgan’s have been reputedly celebrating the demise of the Ambergris Daily. Loyal readers may remember that Captain Morgan’s flexed their financial might in having Pedro’s Poker Club closed by the use of nefarious means.

The Ambergris Daily is glad to announce that it was suffering only from writer’s block, but will now be back 6 to 7 days a week, and we will be writing everything that people want to read but are afraid to speak about. The first question that we will ask, and there will be a free pizza as a reward, is What is the percentage that Captain Morgan’s take from their Slot Machines. Remember that in Las Vegas they pay out 99+%.

We estimate that it is below 50% that Captain Morgan’s slot machines pay out, if their poker rake is anything to go by. Please remember that when you play poker at Captain Morgan’s, the only winner is the house.

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