Rumors on Mahogany Bay receiving 100 Golf Carts

Members of the San Pedro community are appalled at the rumors that Mahogany Bay a Curio Hilton Resort based by the sewage ponds in San Pedro have somehow managed to acquire permits for a 100 golf carts.

Readers and residents have been told there is a moratorium on golf carts coming to the island (well we can see this is not actually working) but a 100 golf carts to a hotel(?)that has yet to open has managed to do what no other resort has been able to do is unbelievable and when proved true is very sad for the dynamics of the island. According to a source that works in MB is that they are also coming in tax free.If this is true where is the benefit for Belize as no taxes will be paid on the vehicles,these will add to the traffic problems in San Pedro. Also if the hotel does not operate they can sell these for a surcharge as they will have the all important permit attached to the sale.

It may time that the government and their various agencies start looking at the complex dealings of Mahogany Bay.

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