Robbery in San Pedro

Yesterday at about 4:25 pm, a young, dark skinned, skinny man just under 6 feet tall and weighing about 140 lbs decided that it would be a good idea to rob the workers’ wages from Caribbean Villas. He produced what is suspected to be a firearm, and the 2 people working at the front desk handed over the lock box of petty cash and the workers wages, as they are instructed to do so by the owners.

The police were called while guest relations person chased the robber. Unfortunately the robber got away, however he also stole the i-phones from the front desk staff. The police arrived within 10 minutes of the call and put a trace on the phones. Within the hour, a person was arrested with the 2 telephones but not the money. One has to say that the Police Response was magnificent, which is very rarely heard of. Fortunately no one was hurt during this incident and at no stage was any guest aware that a robbery had taken place.

For any potential robbers please note that all salaries will now be paid by cheque.

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