Restaurants in Mexico and Belize

Travelling between the 2 countries is what many locals do, and it is so surprising that some restaurants and patrons believe that if they get 80% of their order correct – and if the food is relatively well prepared everyone appears to be happy. The AD thinks that this is incredibly detrimental to the growing tourism trade. Surely it would behoove the owners and managers of these restaurants to ensure that their staff are fully trained, and that both waiters and cooks know what is on the menu.

Obviously the cooks would have to know how to prepare the food to the best of their ability and ensure that it is a work of art, and the waiters know what they are meant to be serving, rather than just the shrug of the shoulders saying “i don’t know, I’ve only worked here for 2 years.” And then we as patrons tip him or her! This does not lead to better service.

How many times have you watched a waiter take a tables’ order without writing the order down, and then he is the only one surprised when they have forgotten something. It should be mandatory that waiters write everything down, which will obviously help the kitchen and ensure that the orders will be correct (maybe!).

This obviously is not aimed at all restaurants, but it is noticeable that ongoing staff training is not deemed as a matter of prime importance and hoteliers and restaurant and all tour operators should be ensuring that the level of service to our guests is always on the rise – which will of course lead to more jobs, more people coming and a higher standard of living for all.

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