Remax and Criminals

With the advent of Mr Gil Carlson formerly of Remax downtowns office who has disappeared back to Canada with clients funds.

Found on the Remax Isla Bonita web site on their blog page: “AMERICA’S MOST WANTED – If you are wanted by the FBI, Interpol, or an angry and well-armed spouse, please contact an agent in Nicaragua or Brazil. This is kind of a joke and then again it’s not.” Considering Remax Isla Bonita’s owner, “Big John” John Turley, has been selling the snake oil known as the appalling “Grand Belize Estates” for the past 2 years and considering he has made it a habit of supporting some of the worst failed developments on Ambergris Caye it seems a bit rich of him to have something like that on his web site.

Also, Ambergris Daily is wondering what the Remax brokers trying to make a living in Brazil and Nicaragua think of Mr. Turley’s “joke.” Or, for that matter, what would the Remax world-wide Head Office think of a Remax broker trashing other Remax-populated countries in print? You can read more of the Remax Isla Bonita blog here (beware, some of the hyperbole within will make any reasonably intelligent person cringe, and we know only clever people read “Ambergris Daily”).

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