Rebuild of Ramon’s Village Resort Threatens Tourism

In Tuesday’s edition the Ambergris Daily laid out very lucidly why Ramon’s Village Resort should NOT be allowed to be rebuilt in the same style and with the same materials (predominately wood).

The Ambergris Daily totally agrees that the cabanas and other wooden structures had a romantic and rustic charm about them. And when many of them were constructed over thirty years they would not have been the fire hazard that they were on the night of Tuesday 27 August.

But things have changed in 30 years. More and more buildings – hotels and private residences – are now in close proximity of Ramon’s Village Resort. Many of these were at high risk when the fire broke out. Fortunately all of them got through the catastrophe unscathed.

This is more to do with the sterling work of the firefighters (the San Pedro Fire Station and the ‘army’ of volunteers) than just good fortune.

The airport which is just across the road from Ramon’s Village Resort was at ‘high risk’ throughout the blaze. Tropic Air minimised this risk by calling in staff to move the planes to the western side of the runway. They obviously though could not remove the fuel tank which probably had around 300 gallons of highly combustible substance in it.

Just imagine for a moment or two what the ramifications for the island could have been had the airport and aircraft on it at the time of the fire (between 9/11 planes) been ablaze as well.

The 160/200 inbound and outbound flights would be inoperable. That’s over 2,000 people a day that would have to find an alternative means of getting to or from the island.

Imagine what the impact on tourism (hotels, bars, restaurants, dive operations, fishing, etc,etc) would be if the airport was closed for any length of time.

Ramon’s Village Resort had its charm but lets remember it as it was. That was then and this is now. And things have changed.

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