Rebuild at Ramon’s Village Resort in San Pedro Belize

The rumors are abound that Ramon’s Village is going to rebuild their Tiki Hut-style buildings, to the horror of many island residents. The reason so many people are worried is that the insurance companies in Belize will not insure straw built buildings, and because Richard Headricks has a number of businesses in America, he can force his insurance companies there to take which is a very very bad risk.

Just imagine that the wind was going North instead of South, and the flying burning embers (of which there were thousands) headed towards town. There could have been a major, major disaster, and we as a community must do our best to avert this.

The Ambergris Daily calls on the mayor and the planning committee to ensure that the iconic Ramon’s Village is rebuilt where it can be insured by a Belizean company, which protects all buildings and businesses within a mile of their location. We also wish Ramon’s all the best in their rebuilding program, and look forward to it’s reopening.

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