Putting Childrens’ Lives in Danger in San Pedro

Yesterday contrary to weather warnings and advice from  watersport professionals (owners of watersport businesses) the Tammy Peterson,the Remax sales person, sailing club instructed 12 year olds to sail to Caye Caulker-the kids sail along the reef in 6 boats with almost 2 miles separating from front to last. God knows why this person decided to act against the weather warnings (issued by GOB) and the professionals in the water sport business but she did-presuming when they all got to Caye Caulker (thank goodness they all arrived safely) with a rousing shout of “We did it”. There was no safety motorized boat in attendance which is regarded as a necessity by all sailing clubs and it remains unclear if there had been a mishap how with the distances involved whether it would have helped.

The sailing professionals at Caribbean Villas called her and said it was downright dangerous and incredibly imbecilic to place the lives of junior sailors (average age of 12) at risk to prove that she had points to prove. Also how dare anyone who is untrained in the arts of teaching sailing put kids lives in danger.Just imagine if there had been a tragedy and all the efforts that would have been expended by rescue craft searching the waters for hours to no avail-the tears of anguish-it would have been awful

Apparently all the sponsors who paid for the boats which Miss Peterson has taken against their wishes and placed them at the Holiday Hotel are issuing a class action law suit against her and BZSA for return of their property. However Miss Peterson says that although she has no pecuniary  interest in the boats that they are hers to do as she likes (the police have advised the owners to sue her).Unbelievably she has been put on the San Pedro Sports Council.

The Ambergris Daily says how can wanted criminals in the USA be allowed to stay in San Pedro.

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