Prostitution in San Pedro

A tourist who was staying in San pedro was drinking in the Tacklebox bar met a very friendly local lady and she took him back to his appt. and they then entered into a game of bedroom olympics. He fell asleep and woke up 12 hours later to find that he might have been drugged but he saw that his very expensive mobile phone had been stolen. He went to the police station gave the name of the young lady who was well known to them as she works with Busy “B” (who is banned from most hotels for being a thief and a well known prostitute).

He filed his report and a few hours later the police contacted and said we have the young lady and your phone. he arrived in the police station where he was semi imprsoned as the police told him he had broken the law as using the services of a prostitute is illegal in Belize, and not paying them was the worst thing and a a major crime in Belize. He pointed out that he never knew she was a prostitute and he never agreed to pay her or anyone else for sex. Four hours later he was released with his phone and given a major warning by San Pedro’s finest.

Needless to say the prostitute who stole the phone was not arrested-starnge times in San Pedro.

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