Property Taxes to triple on Ambergris Caye?

Rumours have hit the Ambergris Daily that property taxes are to be raised by over 200%. This, if everyone pays, will give the town council an enormous war chest  but in the previous mayors speech she said they collected less than 40% (real number around 30%).

So does this mean the same old people will just pay for all the deadbeats who say we cannot afford to pay anything. It is a connundrum as we must have tax revenues but it is obviously wrong and unfair for the same old people to pay a lot more for the same service that they receive at the moment.

It may be politic of the Town Board to enlighten the public on how much money is needed, and what they are going to do with it. Our new mayor has promised an open book policy, and if this is so then it will be possible to see where the money is collected and where the money goes. Also it will be interesting to hear his views on the people who have not paid their taxes in the last few years and who are very likely not to pay them this year.

We wait the answers with baited breath.

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