Property Taxes and Vehicle Licensing on Ambergris Caye…No Connection?

Some might argue that the San Pedro Town Council can’t make the licensing of a vehicle contingent on payment of property taxes. They might say you can’t connect the two. We strongly disagree and in fact there is already a precedent to support the idea of “Taxes for Vehicle Permits” It goes like this:

You can’t renew the license/permit for your vehicle anywhere in Belize without proof of valid insurance. Insurance is there to protect 3rd parties involved in accidents, particularly when the accident is your fault. If you injure someone who does not have the resources to get proper hospital treatment your insurance pays this cost. The injured is made well. Clearly it’s a “safety” issue.

The Town Council have to maintain the streets. It’s one of their most critical responsibilities. They can’t do it properly if they are not able to collect property taxes. Bad roads are dangerous roads, ergo we have another “safety” issue. This allows the mayor and town council to require that property taxes are paid before your vehicle permit is renewed each year.

The funny thing is…if all of the property taxes were paid the mayor and town council would have the funds to pave all of our major roads. Everyone with a vehicle would save so much money. Less maintenance, less broken suspensions, less engine flooding, less corrosion, better fuel economy. Oh, and more tourists because we wonder how many wet season tourists don’t ever return because of our sad and deplorable road state during rains.

Isn’t that amazing….Ambergris Daily has shown how those who don’t want to pay property taxes will MAKE MONEY in the long run if they do finally pay up!

Take it from Ambergris Daily…..It’s not easy being the premier Think Tank in all of Ambergris Caye but somebody has to do it…..

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