Pride of San Pedro at the Public Meeting

Last night during the police meeting a young girl,around 18 years of age, stood up and asked the OC Robinson why she allowed the police to disrespect all the young women who pass the police station. As everyone has seen the police hang around outside the station in their designated car park and always appear to have comments which are invariably spoken in creole, and aimed at passers by.

The OC replied to this question as that all her officers were far to professional and too busy to do what she had said. The members of the public in the auditorium fell about laughing at this comment-we all know she told the truth but the OC  basically called her a liar. Another high ranking policeman from Belize City then told her to complain to the police, which brought further bursts of hilarity from the audience. She pointed out that she would then be targeted by the police which he also refuted, and the audience immediately applauded this statement.

The AD was hugely impressed with this young lady and our advice to her is to run for office, as unlike many, was not prepared to be verbally beaten into submission by high ranking police officers.

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