Politician Involved in Brothels on Ambergris Caye?

Mothers and wives who live in the DFC have been demanding that a house owned by former town councillor Juan Alamilla, and now called the Mansions be investigated by the Police Dept.,Immigration and the San Pedro Town Liquor Board. On sunday night there was going to be a joined planned raid but the managers/owners of this business knew that this was going to happen 24 hours before the event. The raid was cancelled, by the powers to be whoever they maybe, a few hours before the planned time . It is being suggested that a ranking politician is involved, and that more of these places will be opened to service the local community.

All the employees who come from sunnier climes,Guatemala,Honduras, El Salvador were told not to come to work as they would need to produce papers. The Ambergris Daily is unsure what that meant.

It is evident to even the most dumbest reader of this highly respected blog that a politico has got his fingers into this business and has subverted the course of justice by undermining the police,immigration and the SPTBLLC.

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