Police working other jobs in Uniform

For the last two years the AD has been campaigning that police should not be allowed to work as security guards in their off-duty hours in uniform – also, they should not be allowed to get drunk, or party in uniform.

We at the AD have no problem with police having a good time during their off-duty hours, however in our not so humble opinion it should be done without them wearing their uniforms.

The officer-in-Charge Robinson has often stated that the police can do anything they like because it’s not in the public interest to question the police. However the Belize Police Internal Affairs division based in Belize City have categorically stated that police are not allowed to work, party or do anything in their uniforms while off-duty. So it appears that all the policemen in San Pedro are actively breaking the law – from the Officer in Charge down to the lowest constable.

The AD demands that the Town Board and the Minister of Tourism and the BTB demand that they make sure that the police follow the laws of the land. Finally, it really is sad that at 2:30 am some mornings, the police are in some bars in San Pedro Town that are meant to be closed, having a rare old time.



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