Police in San pedro Unreliable as Ever

The police in San Pedro Police Dept. proved yet again that they are incompetent,lazy,slothful and downright useless. In the early hours of sunday morning a group of tourists were coming back from a night of heavy drinking and partying and were on their way to the hotel. One of the guests became slightly separated from the group and she had her bag snatched by a known thug and ciminal.

The next day she went to the police station to file a report which she subsequently did and was told by the policeman that as she would not be here when this came to trial that she should say that she would not prosecute which would save everyones time. She signed this paper on the instructions of the policeman at the front desk in the police station.

The officer in charge Inspector Robinson was told about this and said well if the person wanted the person charged she should not have signed the paperwork. This is ridiculous and after a further complaint retracted her opinion. It appears that Corona del Mar caught this wonder of society on a video camera and handed his photo to the police who in turn DID NOT give this to the tourist police who were actively looking for this perpetrator.

Later on on sunday night a couple of people saw this wonder and castled the hotel who castled the police who took 20 minutes to show up in the old truck (there were 4 of them)and then went on their merry way south as the perp had headed north. The tourist police were on the beach with no communication devices-something is wrong in the state of Denmark.

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